About Us

Who We Are

As our name suggests, we are one of the most reputable hotel amenities supplier based in the beautiful state of California. Our network is stretched over continents, encompassing Europe and Middle East. Unique design and inclination toward the natural, organic and sustainable sources is what enables us to deliver the best results.

What We Do

Having mastered the art of creating the most beautiful and all natural products, we take pride in offering an outstanding variety of products that range from customized hotels products to organic textile products with 100% cotton. What makes our products stand out is their organic, sustainable and renewable plant based origin. Our products are created from only natural materials and they’re biodegradable. For this reason, our products have no negative impact on the environment during and after processing. Thus, it is safe to say that they are not related to fabrication and artificiality. This is the prime reason our products are recognized and appreciated, for offering a unique feeling and creating an ambience of tranquility where ever they are present. Mother nature has forever been so generous to us, it is now time for us to restore and render this planet more habitable while ensuring the residents’ comfort and satisfaction. Needless to say, we do not compromise on quality at all and provide our customers with the most exquisite designs while ensuring we, as human beings, preserve nature.

Where Do We Operate?

Our services are not just limited to a certain area, we are everywhere our customers want us to be. Our network stretches from the cold mountains of Europe all the way to the hot and humid beaches of UAE. We are limitless, boasting our country offices in several locations all over the globe, namely;

  • UAE


Our extensive product line is extolled all over the world and with good reason. Our products are created from all-natural herbal extracts. We are proud to say that our products, without a doubt, stand as hallmarks of sustainability, with their unflinching recyclable characteristics. We make sure that our products are of the most premium quality, while maintaining their reputation by being absolutely free of chemicals such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Paraben and Silicon. Moreover, none of our products have ever been tested on animals, we live with the belief of living and letting live and valuing each life and this forms the foundation of our company’s core values that drive us. That said, we aim to offer excellent quality products, so we use organic Argan Oil and extra virgin Olive oil meticulously all throughout our products. Our basic product line is as follows:

  • Guest Room Cosmetics
  • Textile Products
  • Supporting Items & Slippers
  • Reusable Polycarbonate Products

Custom Design

Looking to showcase your hotel logo and colors on your guest room amenities?

We provide free custom design from our professionals. We will uniquely design custom amenities for your hotel by using your hotel logo and house colors on your products. Usamenities will make sure your guest room amenities will represent your hotel the best way!

One of our highly acclaimed features is our ability to offer solutions customized per your requirements. We mark the products with your beautifully crafted, detailed logo. Our customizable services range from customize soaps, cosmetics, textiles, slippers and many more products. We set out with the aim of giving your company/hotel/organization the edge and ownership it deserves. Rest assured, you will have the best quality products with your company’s beautiful logo engraved on it.

Why Work With Us

Join us and experience design and natural guest room amenities at it’s best. Because with us, you will surely have the best service at your disposal. We value our customers more than anything and come with the most economical plans to facilitate them. Having long term collaboration with us comes with a bunch of perks. Our services are especially tailored for you and it’s time you take this leap of faith; we assure you’ll soon see that this was the best decision for your organization.