Our products are produced with environmentally responsible process. We do not negatively impact the ecosystem because our products are made with 100% recyclable materials ( NO PVC).

100% Natural Olive & Argan Oil Cosmetics

Shampoo’s superior yet gentle cleansing properties will leave your hair feeling ultra clean and nourished from the very first use. Our all natural ingredients protect the hair from future breakage and damage, delivering optimal cleansing and moisturisation. With no artificial additives, and using the finest quality 100% natural olive  oil, it is suitable for even the most damaged hair, and will leave a gentle glossy and smooth appearance. Dry or damaged hair is revitalized, and left looking and feeling healthy and with a natural body and shine. Ideal for use together with our O’Care conditioner.

Conditioner O’Live Products Olive Oil Conditioner is a deep-penetrating conditioner that contains olive oil and Glycerin. This conditioner conditions the hair and restores moisture to the hair and scalp. Olive oil and Glycerine moisturize the hair and scalp while imparting sheen to the hair. O’Live  Products Olive Oil Conditioner ™ is the perfect conditioner for anyone who wants totally moisturized and naturally shiny hair.

Shower Gel Begin your day feeling fresh with O’Live Products Shower Gels.These gels are created from 100% Olive Oil from  Assos-Turkey,which creates a rich cleansing lather providing moisturizing benefits for your skin. The anti-aging and natural properties benefit your skin from head to toe…